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What We Offer

Below are just a few of the amazing things we offer.


We use fully bulletproof methods to ensure nothing we're doing is illegal. Your account is our priority.


Get those amazing products you've always wanted! Without paying stupid prices...


Within our 3 simple steps, you can fully complete your refund. Get your money back + your product.


We're always online to help you for whatever reason you might need to contact us. 7 days a week.

How It Works

Below are the three simple steps within our service.

1. BUY
First of all you'll need to contact one of our staff members and buy a product on your preffered shop (make sure it's in our list) e.g. Amazon
Once your product arrives to your house, you'll need to send us your account or arrange some sort of way for us to process the refund on your account.
The confirmation of the refund is shown on your account and you can fully enjoy your money back into your account and your physical product!

I'm Ready To Get Started

99.9% Success rate

99.9% Success Rate

We have a very high success rate. It's rare a refund will fail our side. If it does in any way shape or form, we'll refund your payment instantly.

Many stores

Many Stores

The list we offer is endless, which is why we only have a bunch of products on our list. Other stores fall into our custom stores.

Many stores
The experts

The Experts

We've been in the game for a long time... gathering information to improve our service and reduce the risk chances to minimal.

Our List

Take a look below at the stores we can refund and the rates we offer.

The North Face
The North Face
Custom Stores
Our rate for custom stores varies between 17-20% due to the difficulty.
Please ask if we can do your store before sending funds to us.

Why 50+ customers chose Prefunds

This is your feedback.

Because it's so fast

I gave Prefunds a shot as their rates were extemely low. I bought my product and handed them my account and within 2 days I had my refund in my account.

Because their rates are low

9-10% for most of their stores is insanely cheap! I get my whole refund back and only have to pay them 10% of the order. I can't believe it's actually real!

Because they out class other services

Everyone can clearly see that these guys are extremely knowledgeable in their field. They top any other refunding service I have ever seen.

New Ideas
We're always bringing our new ideas to improve Prefunds as a whole.
Friendly Staff
Our staff are trained to undertstand whatever concern you have.
It works
Our service is a must-try! We guarantee you'll love it... honestly.

It works!!!!!!!! Dude was fast responsive and helpful!

Got my Amazon order refunded in minutes.

10/10 Quick and easy. Other refund services take ages to refund, this one was almost instant! Will be definatly coming back here. Thanks!

Just got another refund done with them.
So much love!
Sheldon Cooper